Course Of Russian: The Quickest Way to Speak Russian (English Edition)

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von: Dmitry Slomov

 : Course Of Russian: The Quickest Way to Speak Russian (English Edition)

Bindung: Kindle Edition
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Hersteller: Dmitry Slomov - Independent Publisher
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Erscheinungsdatum: September 01, 2013
Herausgeber: Dmitry Slomov - Independent Publisher
Erscheinungsdatum: September 01, 2013
Studio: Dmitry Slomov - Independent Publisher

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With this course you will learn spoken Russian, reading, writing and typing.
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The Course of Russian is based on the most effective language learning and teaching techniques, used by multilinguals and language teachers. You are going to learn to build up your own sentences, not just recite memorized phrases.

The main purpose of this course is to make you SPEAK Russian. In each lesson you are going to learn a few words and phrases. Then you can IMMEDIATELY combine them into meaningfull sentences of your own. So, you can make yourself understood – with as little memorizing as possible.

• 60 Real-Life Situations: Each lesson is based on a real life situation. Situations include:

Getting acquainted and presenting yourself, in friendly or official environment
Buying in a store or placing an order
Finding your way in a city or in a building
Having fun together with your Russian friends, indoors or outdoors
Sharing an apartment – talking about common things and daily activities
Travelling through Russia
Specific culture-related issues – cuisine, vodka and drinking traditions, slang, etc.

• Seamless Grammar: Russian grammar is not easy. This course uses a special method of learning. You will just learn a few precisely selected phrases, that will develop your “sense” for Russian grammar, similar to that of native speakers.

• Cultural Notes: We are dealing with real Russian life situations. You will get explanations on what is considered “normal” and “common” in Russia. A complete lesson dedicated to Russian slang-speaking manner (a vital part of Russian speaking, although, not for everybody’s ears).

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