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von: Angelos Georgakis

 : Learn a Language Through Films (English Edition)

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Format: Kindle eBook
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Erscheinungsdatum: Juni 20, 2017
Erscheinungsdatum: Juni 20, 2017

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An easy way of helping yourself learn a new language is by watching a film with subtitles both in English and in the language you’re trying to learn.

Learning through films is a very powerful method as it involves images, sounds, and emotions. The visual content is engaging and helps comprehension and memorization. The audio content will help you develop a general sense of the language sounds and improve your pronunciation. Films are great in this respect, as they introduce you to tons of real-life dialogues.

With regard to emotions, research in neuroscience has shown that information tagged with strong emotional value is more easily recalled from our memory. Joseph LeDoux, professor of neuroscience and psychology at New York University, says that emotions amplify our memory. The stronger the emotion is, the stronger the imprint on our memory. Films are extremely effective in evoking emotions i.e., happiness for a couple in love, admiration for the main actor, empathy for a poor man, anger for the atrocities of war, etc.

Finally, films will help you immerse into the culture, history, and mentality of the target foreign language.

Inside you will find lots of films that you can watch online for FREE. I have compiled tables with the film link including English subtitles and the link with the whole film text - transcript especially for language learners!

Get Instant Access NOW and boost your learning efforts with my powerful technique!

Angelos Georgakis

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