- A Software Framework for Data Based Analysis

A Software Framework for Data Based Analysis
Описание: The use of domain specific software frameworks can significantly speed up application development because they provide ready made components as well as a reusable design. This text presents the Java framework JStatCom which evolved from experiences made during the development of JMulTi, a popular software for time series analysis. It describes in detail the requirements for such a framework and offers solutions to all recurring tasks, for example, the internal data representation of complex statistical models, the interaction between the data model and the graphical user interface, and the management of computing tasks in a multithreaded environment. Furthermore, it is described how the process of interfacing external software packages for specific numerical calculations can be standardized. An abstract interface is presented that may be used to hide the underlying complexities of data type conversions and specific calling semantics from the user of the framework. The text comes with many code examples and UML diagrams that help to understand each subsystem. Developers planning to develop data analysis software in Java can greatly benefit from this book.
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