Afsar Mian - Indian Crested Porcupine (Hystrix indica)

Indian Crested Porcupine (Hystrix indica)
Описание: Very few documented information is available on the general biology and management of the Indian crested porcupine, which is a serious pest to the agricultural crops, vegetables, orchards and forest plantation. The present book is first serious attempt to present the first hand information on different aspects of biology of this species, including the general distribution, population ecology, food and feeding, reproduction, morphometry, and anatomy with some notes on its physical and chemical controls. The book though concentrates on Punjab (Pakistan), yet contains sufficient generalizations to attract progressive farmers, general field biologists, and wildlife enthusiasts of the global distribution range of this or other porcupine species.
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Книгу Indian Crested Porcupine (Hystrix indica), автора Afsar Mian


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