Alemayehu Kiflu - Effect of different land use type on soil property

Effect of different land use type on soil property
Описание: A study was conducted to mine the effect of deterministic different land use systems on soil and topography physical and chemical properties The soils were characterized and classified along toposequence according to Soil Taxonomy and World Reference Based classification systems. Pedone from three topographic positions ( Upper, Middle and Lower) were sampled to characterize the soil in details. Random samples from two depths and three land use systems ( Ensete , Grass and Maize) were selected. According to Soil Taxonomy The Pedone are Alfisols , with suborder and great group of Ustalfs and Haplusalfs respectively. Both clay content and bulk density increase with depth while total N , OC , available P and available Micronutrients show decreasing tendency with depth. Ensete fields had higher pH , EC, available P and Zn, PBS, exchangeable Ca and K , whereas maize fields had lowest Av. K and Mg , CEC , PBS , total N and OC. Thesis results suggest the need of land use and landscape research to deterministic mine ecologically sound and sustainable land use and management strategies.
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Книгу Effect of different land use type on soil property, автора Alemayehu Kiflu


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