Atif Mohammad - Programming Languages; 21st Century Milestones

Programming Languages; 21st Century Milestones
Описание: Programming languages are being taught and studied for more than 30 years in the graduate seminar on Programming Language Design. Students have studied the structure and design of programming languages from a human and linguistic perspective. Beginning at the University of Toronto in the mid-70's, this course has continued to interest generations of graduate students in computing at Queen's University since 1986. Every year, students study Wegner's "Milestones in the History of Programming Languages" to set the tone and foundation of the course, and propose their own more recent milestones to follow on Wegner's list. This document contains the “Milestones and comparisons” of more recent languages chosen by the class of 2008. This book is authored and edited by members of the class of fall semester 2008 at Queen's University, under wise guidance and teaching of Prof. Dr. Jim Cordy. It reviews a number of modern programming languages using the same timeless criteria outlined by Weinberg in 1971, based on human psychology and the linguistics of natural languages.
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Книгу Programming Languages; 21st Century Milestones, автора Atif Mohammad


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