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Dawson College shooting
Описание: High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Dawson College shooting occurred on September 13, 2006 at Dawson College, a CEGEP in Westmount near downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The perpetrator, Kimveer Gill, began shooting outside the de Maisonneuve Boulevard entrance to the school, and moved towards the atrium by the cafeteria on the main floor. One victim died at the scene, while another 19 were injured, eight of whom were listed in critical condition with six requiring surgery. The shooter later committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, after being shot in the arm by police. Victims were treated at the Montreal General Hospital and other Montreal-area hospitals. It is the fourth fatal school shooting in Montreal, after the Ecole Polytechnique massacre in 1989, the Valery Fabrikant shooting spree at Concordia University in 1992, and a murder at the Yves-Theriault Centre, a francisation school, in 1997.
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