Christina Salvetti - A Case Study of Laguna del Encanado (33°S/70°W)

A Case Study of Laguna del Encanado (33°S/70°W)
Описание: This work gives an overview of the limnogeological development (multi-decadal to centennial resolution) of the selected pro-glacial lakes and their catchments over the last 2000 years. Surface samples from ten lakes inform about modern lake conditions. All lakes investigated in this study are located in Central Chile (32-35°S), on the windward side of the Andes at the northern limit of the Southern Westerlies influence. Climate in Central Chile is highly influenced by the Southern Westerly Circulation Belt and warm ENSO events. Therefore this area is a key site for studies aiming at reconstructing climatic changes related to the Westerlies or ENSO. The climate in this region is Meditteranean with dry summers and humid winters.With the multi-proxy dataset and additional sedimentologcial methods palaeoenvironmental changes of Laguna del Encanado are reconstructed over the last two millennia.
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Книгу A Case Study of Laguna del Encanado (33°S/70°W), автора Christina Salvetti


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