Christine Salmen - Systemic Issues in US Higher Education

Systemic Issues in US Higher Education
Описание: For decades, American higher education has served as a model to post-secondary institutions around the world. Asian and European policy makers have been remodeling traditional structures to increase their ability of competing internationally. The issue of transferability and the effects of such processes are under-researched and need to be addressed. This thesis examines the underlying dynamics of higher education and shows that discourse about access to higher education is rooted in the cultural concept of the American Dream. Providing equal opportunity to all, regardless of heritage, ethnicity, race or socioeconomic status is America's cultural basis, yet it is not a reality for the majority. Critical interdisciplinary analysis of empirical data is necessary to understand why social class and educational history influence - if not determine - applicants' chances even before academic achievements are considered. Importing American academic structures and policies will prove to have significant influence on student selection processes as well as attainment rates. Awareness for those effects are necessary to counteract potential dynamics of exclusion and discrimination.
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Книгу Systemic Issues in US Higher Education, автора Christine Salmen


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