Dr. Steven Van Ginkel - Optimizing BioH2Energy

Optimizing BioH2Energy
Описание: Oil is running out. The use of fossil fuels is highly polluting and is warming the planet. The Middle East is unstable with unjust wars being fought. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are concentrating their wealth. We don’t need any more reasons to transition to a new democratic, distributed, renewable energy economy. The transition will be exciting and many have already begun. There are many ways we can save or utilize energy to maintain our standard of living. We know this. We just have to make the decision to do it. Biohydrogen production is just one sleek way to convert energy into a form we can use. This book discusses the role H2 will serve in the new renewable energy economy. Arriving at this new economy will be faster if we are efficient and it will not be controlled by any one entity since renewable energy is inherently democratic and can be produced anywhere. Relatively few have used more than their share of the available fossil fuels and we don’t have to be ashamed nor greedy about this. Let’s let the poor have what’s left. Would not this be the best thing we could do for us? Just imagine the reality after we have arrived.
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Книгу Optimizing BioH2Energy, автора Dr. Steven Van Ginkel


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