Faith Ann Spinella - Principal’s Role in Teacher Retention

Principal’s Role in Teacher Retention
Описание: The purpose of this study was to examine the role of the principal in the retention of new teachers. A model was developed based on Chapman’s (1983, 1984) research to determine how principal support influenced teacher reported likelihood of staying in teaching after the influence of other personal and experiential factors was removed. The primary research question was, “How does the quality of the first employment experience, particularly the role of the principal, contribute to beginning teachers’ reported likelihood of remaining in teaching?” This study holds special relevance for principals, new teachers, policy-makers, university personnel, and school board members. Support from principals and other teachers emerged as strong reasons for remaining in teaching. Respect from the principal, support from colleagues, and enabling bureaucracy were significant predictors of likelihood of remaining in teaching. Several implications for teacher preparation programs, school leadership and policy development, as well as recommendations for future research, are included.
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Книгу Principal’s Role in Teacher Retention, автора Faith Ann Spinella


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