FELICIA YUWEI CHANG - LOTUS - Fashion and Wine Bar Business

LOTUS - Fashion and Wine Bar Business
Описание: This is a thesis for a MFA degree of Fashion Merchandising in Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA. I am always thinking that besides the mall there are few places to shop after 7pm in San Francisco. I want to create an integrated shopping place which combines trendy apparel and an entertainment environment that addresses open-late hours and the contemporary consumers’ shopping habits. This business plan targets urban couture professionals and young Misses. The profitability comes from apparel merchandise and wine bar. There is a separated sales plan of wine bar. The wine bar is a comfortable sitting area filled with selected California wines. So when customers have finished selecting from their latest fashions, or wait for friends,or if customers need some ideas to get started, the wine bar is the place to be! This theory includes a Business plan and a Visual plan for LOTUS, which is a new business concept that combines fashion business and wine bar.
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Книгу LOTUS - Fashion and Wine Bar Business, автора FELICIA YUWEI CHANG


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