Frederic P. Miller - Brewarrina, New South Wales

Brewarrina, New South Wales
Описание: High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Brewarrina is a small town in North West New South Wales, Australia on the banks of the Darling/Barwon River in Brewarrina Shire. It is 98 km east of Bourke and west of Walgett on the Kamilaroi Highway, and 808 km from Sydney. Brewarrina is a town that is feeling the effects of the drought, with its population decreasing from 1,197 persons in 2001, to 1,121 persons in 2006. Many businesses in Brewarrina have had to shut up shop, because of the lingering drought. Other towns and villages in the Brewarrina district include; Goodooga, Gongolgon, Weilmoringle and Angledool.
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Книгу Brewarrina, New South Wales, автора Frederic P. Miller


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