Frederic P. Miller - Camping Cosmos

Camping Cosmos
Описание: Camping Cosmos is the second comedy in the film trilogy The Sexual Life of the Belgians (of which La vie sexuelle des Belges 1950-78 is the first part), starring Claude Semal (himself - Tintin), Lolo Ferrari (Miss Vandeputte), Noel Godin (Pierre Mertens), Herman Brusselmans (Herman) and Arno (Harry). The movie's tagline is: Revolution, football, beer and frites. It is an unconventional and non-conformist story of the sexual habits of Belgians. Cosmos refers to the eternity of heaven in full contrast with this little campsite where so many people live together with their problems and limited view of the world. It also refers to the Russian cosmonauts (national anthem of the Soviet Union) who explored space, but who as communists did not believe in an afterworld. And last, the name of this Campsite Cosmos is referring to the sky without limit above the heads of its residents.
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Книгу Camping Cosmos, автора Frederic P. Miller


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