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Описание: High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Krypteia or crypteia was a tradition involving young Spartans, part of the agoge regime of Spartan education. Its goal and nature are still a matter of discussion among historians. Young Spartan men who had completed their training at the agoge with such success that they were marked out as potential future leaders would be given the opportunity to test their skills and prove themselves worthy of the Spartan military tradition through participation in the krypteia. Every autumn, according to Plutarch (Life of Lycurgus, 28, 3–7), the Spartan ephors (classical Greek ??????) would pro forma declare war on the helot population so that any Spartan citizen could kill a helot without fear of blood guilt. Unarmed, the kryptes were sent out into the countryside with the instructions to kill any helot they encountered at night and to take any food they needed. This could be used to remove any helots considered troublesome and provide the young men with a manhood test and experience of their first kill. Such brutal oppression of the helots permitted the Spartans to control the agrarian population and devote themselves to military practice.
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Книгу Crypteia, автора Frederic P. Miller


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