Frederic P. Miller - Earl of Wiltshire

Earl of Wiltshire
Описание: The title Earl of Wiltshire is one of the oldest in the Peerage of England, going back to the 12th century. It is currently held by the Marquess of Winchester, and is used as a courtesy title for the eldest son of the marquess. The earldom was first created for Harvey of Leon, who married Sybilla, an illegitimate daughter of King Stephen. The title lapsed after Hervey lost his English lands during the Anarchy, since at that time one could not be an earl without the territory to support the dignity. Patrick of Salisbury was created Earl of Wiltshire by the Empress Matilda, probably after July 1143, but he was usually styled Earl of Salisbury. He was the second but eldest surviving son of William of Salisbury and the grandson of Walter of Salisbury, the founder of Bradenstoke Priory, in Wiltshire. He was Sheriff of Wiltshire in October 1152, when he was addressed as "Earl Patrick, sheriff" in a writ of Stephen. Patrick of Salisbury, Earl of Wiltshire, passed the title to his great-granddaughter Margaret Longespee. She married Henry de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln, they had a daughter who became suo jure Countess of Lincoln and Wiltshire on her mother's death.
Цена:~ 41.50 евро, ~56,03 долларов США или 1660,00 Российских рублей.
Книгу Earl of Wiltshire, автора Frederic P. Miller


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