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Mine Okubo
Описание: High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Mine Okubo (first name pronounced MEE-NEH)[3], a pioneering Nisei woman, artist and writer, created approximately 2000 drawings and sketches of her experiences while confined along with approximately 110,000 Japanese Americans in US internment camps following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Initially assigned to the Tanforan Assembly Center, a former horse racetrack in San Bruno, California, a few miles south of San Francisco, she and her brother were later sent to the Topaz War Relocation Center in Utah. Following her confinement, Mine Okubo relocated to New York and published a book of her experiences, Citizen 13660, which documented, without bitterness, the indignities, struggle and sparse humor of daily life for internees at the camps. Named for the number assigned to her family unit, the book contains over two hundred of her pen and ink sketches accompanied by brief explanatory text. Published in 1946 and in print for more than 50 years since, the book provides a unique perspective on the historical record of the internment.
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Книгу Mine Okubo, автора Frederic P. Miller


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