Haliru Sirajo - British Colonial Legacies in Northern Nigeria

British Colonial Legacies in Northern Nigeria
Описание: The study of the district head system is a study of British colonial administration in Northern Nigeria. This is because the Indirect Rule system in various emirates of Northern Nigeria rested securely on the District Head system. Therefore, a total re-thinking of the philosophy of indirect rule system and its various contours is necessary. This is to challenge and correct the conventional notion that the British did not alter the pattern of the Emirate administration they found in existence even after they assumed full control of the territories of Northern Nigeria. In view of this,this book offers an elaborate account of the changes introduced by the British in order to smoothly administer Zazzau Emirate and Igabi District in particular.The book covers almost a seventy years period of interesting discourse(1907-1976). Critically, this work establishes that the District Head system is a British creation and its impact left a visible legacy in the mainstream of local government system in Northern Nigeria. The book is a must read especially to students, researchers and others interested in the activities of the British in Colonial Africa and Northern Nigeria in particular.
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Книгу British Colonial Legacies in Northern Nigeria, автора Haliru Sirajo


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