Karolyn Kerr - The Institutionalisation of Data Quality in the Health Sector

The Institutionalisation of Data Quality in the Health Sector
Описание: This book explores the issues that define and control data quality and the mechanisms and frameworks that can be developed to achieve and sustain good data quality. The research began a journey towards improved maturity around data quality management in New Zealand healthcare, where total data quality management is business as usual, institutionalised into the daily practices of organisations. The increasingly information intensive nature of health care demands a proactive and strategic approach to data quality to ensure the right information is available to the right person at the right time in the right format, all in consideration of the rights of the patient to have his/her health data protected and used in an ethical way. The work extends and tests principles to establish good practice and overcome barriers. The Data Quality Evaluation Framework and national Data Quality Improvement Strategy provides clear direction for a whole of orgnaisation way of viewing data quality. The principles developed have been tested outside of the health care environment and have been found to be applicable in many kinds of organisations.
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Книгу The Institutionalisation of Data Quality in the Health Sector, автора Karolyn Kerr


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