Khan Mahbub Morshed - Land Use Transformation and Morphological Change of Savar

Land Use Transformation and Morphological Change of Savar
Описание: The accelerating rate of population growth in and around the Dhaka Metropolitan Area (DMA) makes a tremendous pressure on land and on urban infrastructural services. There is a strong tendency of urban expansion in the suburban Savar, just lying outside the DMA. The study reveals a number of clear changing characteristics regarding land use, morphology, socio-economic conditions. Savar Paurasava is mainly characterized by a mixer of urban and rural land use. By Suburban growth Savar experienced a number of geographic transformations in terms of exceeding rate of increase in population and functional changes in agriculture to urban expansion due to the impact of urbanization process of Dhaka city. It is in this connection the basic aim of the present study is to identify the process of suburban expansion in response to the changing trend in land utilization, socio-economic conditions, and infrastructures in Savar Paurasava
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Книгу Land Use Transformation and Morphological Change of Savar, автора Khan Mahbub Morshed


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