Lambert M. Surhone - Ramadilla

Описание: High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Ramadilla is a small town located off of route P-160 in the Region of Bio Bio, Chile. It is part of the Municipality of Arauco. The nearest town is Carampangue. Carampangue is a small town in Biobio Region, Chile. The town is approximately 50 kilometers south of the regional capital, Concepcion, and a borders the towns of Arauco and Ramadillas. Carampangue is split by a highway, with the two parts respectively referred to by residents as Carampangue Viejo (old Carampangue) and Carampangue Bajo (lower Carampangue). This division is not legal or administrative – it just makes giving directions easier. The name Carampangue is Mapudungun for green Nalca. Nalca is a fern like plant that grows in the area and is commonly eaten like celery with salt.
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Книгу Ramadilla, автора Lambert M. Surhone


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