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Sol Babitz
Описание: High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Sol Babitz (* 11. October 1911 in Brooklyn NY; † 1982 in Los Angeles) was an American violinist, teacher, writer and pioneer of historically informed performance. His education included studies with Alexander Roman and Carl Flesch at the Berlin Hochschule fuer Musik and with Marcel Chailley in Paris. Babitz was a violinist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic from 1933–37, and then played with Hollywood studio orchestras until 1952. In 1948 he was a co-founder of the "Early Music Laboratory" (EML) in Los Angeles, investing considerable time in research into historical performance practice, esp. the music of the 17th and 18th century. He also conducted research into historical instrumental techniques, e.g. for violin and harpsichord.
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