Maria Kimasheva - Interregional Immigrants' Distribution in Norway

Interregional Immigrants' Distribution in Norway
Описание: International migration is affected by the increasing interdependence among countries caused by economic liberalization, income disparity among nations, accessible means of transportation, and growing demographic difference between developed and developing countries, geo-political factors.The focus of the book is immigrants’ distribution between the municipalities in Norway. This process depends on many factors, such as high wage level in some region, good chances to get a job, friends, relatives or immigrants from the same country, who live in the respective place. People might also tend to live in big cities due to higher amount of works, apartments, schools, etc. available. The purpose of the work is to examine the dependence of immigrants’ location on unemployment rate; wage premium level in the municipalities in Norway; size of labor market and the share of immigrants, who arrived in the region some time ago; the attraction of big cities in Norway. There were considered six model specifications with different number of explanatory variables and two estimation approaches: ordinary least squares method and censored regression approach.
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Книгу Interregional Immigrants' Distribution in Norway, автора Maria Kimasheva


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