Paivi Ovaska - Information Systems Development in Theory and Practice

Information Systems Development in Theory and Practice
Описание: During thirty years of history, planning, designing and implementing the information systems have faced a great deal of productivity problems. These productivity problems include slipping schedules, cost overruns and low systems quality with increased maintenance costs. In response to these productivity and quality problems, researchers have developed different methodical approaches. Paradoxically, despite the efforts devoted to methodical approaches, systems have continued to fail. Only a few studies concentrate on empirical research of the systems development process in the organizational context. This book therefore fills this gap by further clarifying how systems development process is managed in practice. This objective is reached by conducting a series of empirical studies of two systems development projects in an organization competing in information technology business. The studies should help shed some light on the systems development and should be especially useful to researchers and professionals in Information Systems and Software Engineering fields, or anyone else who may be considering to implement information systems.
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Книгу Information Systems Development in Theory and Practice, автора Paivi Ovaska


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