Panagiotis Dafas - Computational algorithms for protein-protein interaction detection

Computational algorithms for protein-protein interaction detection
Описание: The experimental measurement of gene expression levels has produced preliminary results on the regulation, pathways and networks of genes in cells. Furthermore, the number of available three- dimensional folded structures of proteins increases on a daily basis. The ultimate aim of both genomics and proteomics from the perspective of bioinformatics, is to map out all the circuits of energy and information processing in life by terms of molecular interactions in a systematic way with minimal human intervention. In this book the author presents a new rule mining framework for “in silico” inference of protein-protein interactions and an effective class of techniques that identify domain- domain interactions from multiple domain protein structures. The above two approaches allow molecular biologists to use both gene expression data and three dimensional folded protein structures to efficiently predict or validate potential protein- protein interactions.
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Книгу Computational algorithms for protein-protein interaction detection, автора Panagiotis Dafas


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