Paul Bolick-Mausisa - Kultural Guerrillas

Kultural Guerrillas
Описание: Kultural Guerrillas provides new approaches, perspectives and methods for community organizers, political activists and academics interested in labor, migration, resistance, decolonization and identity politics. Bolick-Mausisa documents the rich traditions of rebellion, resistance and revolution found in the history of these two peoples, while underlining the pivotal role of culture, principally music and poetry. Beginning with the national liberation movements of the Philippines and Mexico, through the Farm Workers Movement in the US, to the current trends of decolonization, hybridity and indigenismo/indiginism, Bolick-Mausisa utilizes a multitude of academic disciplines (literature, history, cultural anthropology, political science and psychology) to parallel the lived experiences of Chicanos/Mexicanos and Filipinos, and further urges solidarity work between these two communities.
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Книгу Kultural Guerrillas, автора Paul Bolick-Mausisa


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