Paul Dettwiler - Facilities Management of the Offices of Growth Firms

Facilities Management of the Offices of Growth Firms
Описание: How do growth firms handle their facilities management (FM)? Managing the facilities of growth firms requires a multitude of related activities and skills in FM. In this book (originally a doctoral dissertation) FM is rather regarded as a managerial attitude (often the viewpoint of CEOs) than a profession. Two relevant issues are investigated: The first issue is: How do growth firms handle the FM of their offices in successive phases of their evolution? Phase models are analysed and elaborated that describe the development of FM in growth firms in various aspects. Conclusively a three phase model is created: factotum, structure, and balance. The second issue is: What patterns can be found between FM of the offices of growth firms and their location? A model reveals the dynamics of FM depending on location and business cycles. The created models are based on extensive analyses of qualitative and quantitative studies at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, from in-depth studies of six growth firms, followed by a survey that covers the whole of Sweden with a 40 % response rate from 967 growth firms.
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Книгу Facilities Management of the Offices of Growth Firms, автора Paul Dettwiler


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