Описание: This book introduces a security solution in key management and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for wireless sensor networks. It addresses challenges of designing in energy and security. Since wireless communication consumes the most energy in sensor network, energy must be used efficiently. This book proposes Hint Key Distribution (HKD) for key management and Adaptive IDS for distributing activated IDS nodes and cooperative operation of these two protocols. HKD protocol focuses on the challenges of energy, computation and security in key distribution. It uses a hint message and key chain to consume less energy while self-generating key secures the secret key. Adaptive IDS uses threshold and voting algorithm to distribute IDS through the network. An elected node is activated IDS to monitor its network. A threshold is used as a solution to reduce number of repeated activations of the same node, so it distributes the energy use across the network. In a cooperative protocol, HKD and Adaptive IDS exchange information in order to adjust to the current situation whereas the level of alert controls the nature of the interaction between the two protocols.
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Книгу WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS, автора Piya Techateerawat


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