Rachel Wilson - The impact of glue ear on child development

The impact of glue ear on child development
Описание: Otitis Media with Effusion (OME), commonly known as ‘glue-ear’, is extremely prevalent in young children; nearly a third will suffer from recurrent episodes. OME causes temporary and fluctuating hearing impairment. How does this condition impact upon children’s development? In this book the impact of OME is explored as part of a large, longitudinal study of child development. This research found that a history of OME is indeed associated with small deficits in language, IQ and reading abilities. More importantly, some children are more vulnerable to greater difficulties when OME occurs along with other risk factors. Language and reading deficits, for example, are less likely to occur in children who have OME but who also have a high IQ and parents who read frequently to them when they are very young. But children who have poorer cognitive development, a disadvantaged home background or whose parents have poor parenting skills are more likely to suffer substantial difficulties due to recurrent OME. It is important we recognise the vulnerability of such children and find ways to redress their difficulties.
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Книгу The impact of glue ear on child development, автора Rachel Wilson


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