Rosalda Hoftijzer - Entrepreneurship, Innovation

Entrepreneurship, Innovation
Описание: Studies of entrepreneurship have been increasing lately focusing on different angles of entrepreneurship. There are many young female students who at a young age aspire to have their own business, but when looking at the amount of businesses that exist nowadays, there are more businesses owned by men than women. Does this have to do with the capabilities of women, their ability to act as entrepreneurs, or is it something else? This study is mainly to get an impression of why it is that even though women and men have equal rights for an education nowadays, men are more involved in entrepreneurial activities when compared to women. An empirical study is done to get young adults' perception on these topics. Innovation is also studied in relation to entrepreneurship and gender since innovation is considered a vital part of being an entrepreneur.
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Книгу Entrepreneurship, Innovation, автора Rosalda Hoftijzer


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