Sarah Maccurtain - Top management teams and organisational outcomes

Top management teams and organisational outcomes
Описание: Dr Sarah MacCurtain is Co-Director of the Strategic Healthcare Management Research Group. She received her PhD from Aston Business School. She teaches Organizational Behaviour at the University of Limerick. Continuing research interests in health services include top management teams, trust and organisational performance, employee stress and well being, organisational climate and innovation. She has co-authored publications inclusive of books, monographs, book chapters, journal articles and conference papers. Her books and monographs include: High Performance Work Systems: The Economic Evidence (2005, National Centre for Partnership and Performance); Principles of Organisational Behaviour, An Irish Text, Gill and Macmillan, 2004; Managing Knowledge Based Organizations: Top Management Teams and Innovation (2002,Blackhall); Effective Top Management Teams: An International Perspective (2001,Blackhall).
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Книгу Top management teams and organisational outcomes, автора Sarah Maccurtain


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