Sri Hapsari Budisulistiorini - Evaluation of Air Quality Management Plans for PM10 Control

Evaluation of Air Quality Management Plans for PM10 Control
Описание: Increasing PM10 concentration in Jakarta is indeed a major problem. Air quality management plans that have been applied were incapable of slowing down the pollution. Therefore, this book attempts to evaluate the effect of air quality management plans to control PM10 concentration using atmospheric dispersion model, AUSPLUME. The source of pollution was focused to the major emitters of particles, which are motor vehicles and industries. On the basis of recent findings, motor vehicle is the biggest contributor since its population has growth significantly. The book presents simulation findings that can be used for environmental policy development. Modelling of PM10 dispersion predicted concentration at ground level and produced contour map as a tool for evaluation along with the health cost saving from their implementation. Findings and review in this book maybe useful for government for assessment of pollution reduction programs. Having information of pollution impact from transportation, people may also have second thought in choosing their transport mode for daily activities.
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Книгу Evaluation of Air Quality Management Plans for PM10 Control, автора Sri Hapsari Budisulistiorini


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