Sunil Sagar - Synthesis and Evaluation of anti-TB and Pro-apoptotic Quinones

Synthesis and Evaluation of anti-TB and Pro-apoptotic Quinones
Описание: Tuberculosis and Cancer are among the most devastating and therapeutically challenging diseases. The development of muti-drug resistance in TB causing bacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and cancerous cells has prompted the search for effective novel compounds. This book focuses on the synthesis and the evaluation of different analogues of diospyrin, a proven anti-TB and anti-cancer agent. A number of novel binaphthoquinone and naphthoquinone-naphthalene biaryl compounds were synthesized by using Suzuki methodology. Several analogues were evaluated for their biological activity against fast growing bacteria viz., M. smegmatis and M. aurum and against a clinical strain of M. tuberculosis. Four novel quinones were also evaluated for their ability to induce apoptosis in three cancer cell lines viz., HeLa, MCF7, MG63 and one normal cell line i.e. CHO by using APOpercentage, DNA fragmentation and Cell cycle assays. This preliminary investigation could provoke an interest in scientific community to synthesize other structurally modified quinonoids in order to develop and establish them as potent drugs against mycobacterium and cancer.
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Книгу Synthesis and Evaluation of anti-TB and Pro-apoptotic Quinones, автора Sunil Sagar


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