Tessa Smith - Consequential Parental Control

Consequential Parental Control
Описание: Family communication structure and the motives parents employ when communicating with their young adult children interact to produce several consequences. The specific repercussions that result from increased conformity and control need to be further identified to guide the development of training workshops, intervention programs, and insight to parents wishing to change their behaviors. Thus, this study explored the effect of control motives and conformity orientation (protective and consensual structures) on confidence, independence, and perceived communication competence. The impact of children’s evaluation of parental control (i.e., viewing parental control as a sign of love and affection) on the three outcome variables was also of interest. The results showed a significant positive correlation between conformity orientation and parental control, a significant negative correlation between parental control and evaluations of control, and significant negative correlations between control and all three outcome variables. Evaluations of parental control did not demonstrate predictability in changes in the outcome variables.
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Книгу Consequential Parental Control, автора Tessa Smith


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