Брайан Лардж - The American Ballet Theatre in San Francisco

(США, 1984)
The American Ballet Theatre in San Francisco
Описание: Airs
The musical selections for Airs are excerpts from Handel's Concerti Grossi. Op.3, Aicina, Ariodante Berenice and Solomon.

Jardin Aux Ulas
Caroline, about to enter upon a marriage of
convenience, attends a
farewell party to
precede the ceremony.
Among the guests are (he
man she really loves and the
woman who, unknown to her, has
been her fiance's mistress. Quick
meetings end interrupted
confidences end with Caroline
leaving on the arm of her
betrothed, never having satisfied
her desperate longing for a final kiss.

The Black Swan
Grand Pas de deux from Act III Swan Lake

Romeo And Juliet
After the Ball where Romeo and Juliet have met, Juliet is unable to sleep and comes out on her balcony. She is thinking of Romeo, when suddenly he appears in the garden. They confess their love for each other.

Great Galloping Gottschalk
Great Galloping Gottschalk was created for American Ballet Theatre and premiered in January 1982. The musical selections are Gottschalk's Souvenir de Porto Rico, The Dying Poet Tournament Galop, La savane / O ma charmante, Le bananierand Manchega.

The San Francisco Opera Orchestra
Цена:~ 23,65 евро, ~31,05 долларов США или 920,00 Российских рублей.
Видео The American Ballet Theatre in San Francisco, режиссёра Брайан Лардж.
С участием актёрoв: Марианна Черкасски и Кантия Харвей и Шерил Ягер и Михаил Николаевич Барышников


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